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Samsung's Galaxy S 4G for T-Mobile going for $149 at Walmart

Darren Murph

It may be a Vibrant with Froyo, a front-facing camera and a thing for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but it's still downright enviable when you consider the Galaxy S 4G's innate support for 21Mbps downloads. As of today, neither Samsung nor T-Mobile USA have been perfectly clear about how much they'd be demanding for this guy, but thanks to a leaked pricing sheet from Walmart, it looks as if it'll be a solid $50 less than most new smartphones. Those who waltz into Wally World later this month will be able to take one home for $148.88 with a two-year service agreement, or if you're the No Strings Attached kind of individual, $650. Ah, the choices we're saddled with.

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