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Super Street Fighter IV 3DS ditches street for stage in live-action promotional stunt


Any fighter out there will tell you, sometimes you just gotta get down in them streets. It's a primal calling, originating deep from within and taking hold until its nigh-bottomless desire for wins is satiated. If the thought of that is starting to send a shiver down your spine, ready to turn you into a whirling dervish of dragon punches and kikoshos, know that you're likely in a place where you aren't allowed to do that. With, like, delicate furniture and stuff.

But you've still got an itch and we wanna help you scratch it. How does an eccentric European marketing stunt sound? It's a live-action bout between Ken and Ryu, meant to demonstrate the lifelike 3D quality of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. While we can't comment on that, we will say we've always been suckers when it comes to dudes dressing up like Ken and Ryu and fake-fighting for our amusement. C'est la vie!

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