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SWTOR fans ask whether Sith are evil and how Crew Skills work


It is always refreshing to fans when developers sit down with them to answer their questions. In recent months -- specifically, when the community team added David Bass -- many Star Wars: The Old Republic fan podcasts, websites, and the official forums have received more traffic from developers. Corellian Run Radio aired an interview with Senior Community Coordinator Joanne Laroche; TOR-Talk spoke to Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid; the TOR Syndicate also had a guest appearance from Stephen Reid. This week is no exception.

SWTOR fan site was able to sit down with Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert to talk about Crew Skills. Lethality asks some very specific question regarding how a player earns different types of crew skills, what effect Crew Skills have on companions, and how player hubs will survive with so much activity happening on individual ships. Schubert shies away from none of those questions.

On the official forums, Lead Writer Daniel Erickson confronts the are-Sith-evil question head on. "We can get into endless philosophical discussions about whether anything is actually evil or actually good but if we are speaking from our modern, western view on the concept of evil then the Sith clearly qualify," Erickson explains, further clarifying that this does not limit the path of your character.

Check out the full Crew Skills Q&A on AskAJedi and Erickson's complete explanation on the official SWOTR site.

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