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XCOM, Spec Ops listed for fiscal 2012 release, Max Payne 3 not listed at all (again) [update]

Take-Two has updated its release calendar in coordination with the publication of its lastest financial report. Most of the entries aren't too surprising, including already known release dates and windows for LA Noire, Duke Nukem Forever and BioShock Infinite -- however, XCOM and Spec Ops: The Line, both of which were formerly scheduled for this calendar year, are now listed as "Fiscal Year 2012" (April 2011 – March 2012) releases. That means they could still both arrive this year -- Strauss willing and the creek don't rise -- but the publisher has opened up the possiblity for delays to the first quarter of 2012.

Also, Max Payne 3 has again failed to make an appearance on Take Two's release calendar. When this happened last December, Take Two was quick to reassure fans that the title was still in development. We have our fingers crossed for a similar assurance in the company's conference call, which is due to start any minute.

Update: During the Q&A portion of the investor's call, Take-Two CFO Lainie Goldstein spoke about the fate of Max Payne 3, saying, "There is no update on that title at this time." That's a really not great answer. We've emailed other Take-Two contacts in search of something more concrete.

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