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'Badman' character tweet hints at possible NGP title


We've never admitted to actually understanding anything about the game once known as Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This? (though we do admit to enjoying it), and so it's probably no surprise that we don't understand the Twitter account associated with the game either. Not only is it in Japanese, but it's supposed to be an in-character account created by the Lord of Destruction -- and we have no idea what he's talking about anyway.

But we do recognize the letters "NGP," as seen in this tweet, and a later tweet says that the developers are working on a new game in the "soup shoot zone." Presumably, that means we'll see a Badman interation on the PSP's successor, coming soon. Then again, not only is this Twitter account unverified, but let's not forget this is Satan we're talking about. He's not exactly the type to be trusted anyway.

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