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Rumor: Defiant Map Pack revealed for Halo: Reach [update: info pulled at request of Microsoft]


French site Halo Destiny, an unofficial fan community, has posted several images of what is alleged to be an upcoming map pack for Halo: Reach. Reportedly called the "Defiant Map Pack," the site claims the DLC will contain three maps: "Condemned," "Unearthed" and "Highlands" (which echoes Halo 3's High Ground map in name). Condemned reportedly takes place aboard a human frigate, while Unearthed plays host to more open spaces. As for Highlands, its most prominent feature appears to be a giant Covenant cruiser in the process of glassing a planet.

Additionally, the Highlands map is referred to as "Training Preserve" on the Flickr account where the images are hosted, so it may not be related to the old High Ground map at all. Oddly enough, Unearthed bears the strongest resemblance to High Ground, but, unfortunately, the low resolution of the images makes detailed analysis difficult.

As of publishing, the Halo Destiny site is down for maintenance, though the Flickr images are still available. We've contacted Bungie for comment and will update if and when we learn more.

Update: Halo Destiny has posted a message noting that the site is temporarily offline following a recent request from Microsoft and Bungie to remove the Defiant Map Pack post. The Flickr images remain available as of this update.

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