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iBooks gets an update for iPhone/iPad


Apple's e-book reader for iOS, iBooks, received an update today to version 1.2.1.

The update provides a few very important changes. The first, and perhaps the most welcome change, is that stability and performance of the app has been improved. I was able to verify this in many places -- just waiting for books to appear on the iBooks bookshelves used to take about 20 seconds on my iPhone 4, and that time has been reduced to about 5 seconds. Books also seem to open faster, and there's no lag when swiping through pages.

All of the previous updates listed in the update notes were there in version 1.2, including the availability of illustrated books, creating personal Collections, printing PDF documents and notes via AirPrint and automatic hyphenation of documents.

The update can be installed immediately from the App Store app on your favorite iOS devices.

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