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Japanese Gods Eater Burst DLC includes Taiko Drum Master, Tales & Soul Calibur items


For the Japanese release of Gods Eater Burst, Namco Bandai is planning DLC that brings in costumes and items based on other Namco properties that, frankly, have no business being in a game like this -- which is great!

A free DLC pack headed to the Japanese PSN on February 10 adds costumes to make your characters look like Asbel and Cheria from Tales of Graces (the PS3 version of which was just announced for North America). The pack also comes with weapons based on the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge swords from the Soul Calibur series. Best of all, the DLC includes costumes based on Taiko Drum Master, which are way too bright and happy to be appropriate for the grotesque Gods Eater Burst.

Burst arrives in North America this spring, but no announcements have been made about whether we'll be wielding the Soul Edge in our version.

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