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Tecmo and Koei development groups reabsorbed into Tecmo Koei


The amalgamated Tecmo Koei game development and publishing entity continues to evolve. A few months back, there was a CEO changeover. Today, the company announced that the parent company, Tecmo Koei Games, will absorb the two game development subsidiaries, known as Koei and Tecmo.

This might sound a little confusing, so we'll explain. Following the merger, according to Andriasang, Tecmo Koei spun off the game development arms of its two companies into two separate subsidiaries. Now it's bringing them back into the main company, under the management of Tecmo Koei Games -- which is itself under the umbrella of Tecmo Koei Holdings. The newly united-then-divided-then-reunited group will continue to develop games under both the Tecmo and Koei brand names.

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