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Ultima Online celebrates player's 83rd birthday in game

Jef Reahard

Think Ultima Online is all about ganking, Lord of the Flies, and survival of the fittest? Think again, as the feel good story of the week comes courtesy of the long-lived granddaddy of sandbox MMOs. Speaking of long lives, UO player Hollie Macrall recently celebrated her 83rd birthday, and while we don't know for sure whether that's some sort of MMO record, we do know that the Ultima devs were duly impressed enough to reward her with an in-game flower marking the occasion.

As you can see in the accompanying screenshot, Hollie was surrounded by friends and family for her virtual celebration and is also the proud owner of the one-of-a-kind item bearing the inscription "In appreciation of age and wisdom. Happy 83rd birthday Hollie from the UO Team."

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