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Patch 1.10 changes revealed


In an unprecedented move, Blizzard has released notes for patch 1.10, as found in Community Manager Bashiok's personal notebook. Some of the changes will include:

  • Quests completed at the level cap that no longer increase experience will now reward gold.
  • Many items in Blackrock Depths will become blue quality items, better representing the dungeon's difficulty.
  • Many bracers, belts and gloves will become bind on equip, making gearing up for harder dungeons like BRD and UBRS easier and more accessible.
Here's the full annoucement:

New changes
I found an old notebook in a box and so I wanted to share some changes we're expecting to come through.

In patch 1.10 we're going to make it so that when you're at level cap completing quests will turn XP into gold. So that should be a good change, there will still be a reason to complete quests at max level. We're also going to update some items. In BRD almost all items are going to become blue quality, so that should be a nice upgrade for people. Also all bracers, belts, and gloves will be BoE. Which should help get more people geared up through the AH to tackle this difficult dungeon.

We'll keep you updated should we find any other old notes that are no longer new or exciting.

We live in exciting times.
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