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ZTE 005Z emergency cellphone keeps your kid safe, cooler than other kids


Remember back in 2005 when kiddy phones were all the rage? Well, with the release of the single-button 005Z, Softbank and ZTE are giving toddler connectivity another try. Like the Firefly and the Migo before it, this little guy limits outbound calls, but unlike its predecessors, the 005Z only allows for one pre-programmed number -- so if baby's in danger, mommy better have her cellphone charged. While the one-button approach is limited, the phone also acts as an alert system: when the cord is pulled, a loud buzzer sounds (à la the rape whistle) and SMS and voice messages (both of which contain the kid's location) are sent to emergency contacts. As far as we're concerned, a child with a cellphone is a nightmare in the making, but if you're into that sort of thing (and live in Japan) the 005Z will be available this March for ¥490 ($5.90) a month.

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