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Analysts explain, critique Guitar Hero's demise

Justin McElroy

Man, these analysts get a whiff of blood and you just can't pull them off the corpse, huh? Formerly beloved franchise Guitar Hero has been dead all of a couple of days, and these jackals are already baring their fangs on Gamasutra and digging in:

"It had a great run, but it also had a steep fall and the customer demand just isn't there. That money can be spent on something that has better returns." -- Damn, Eric Handler of MKM Partners, you need to take it easy.

"Prudent." -- Hey Michael Pachter, where's your basic human decency?

"Declining sales as well as a less appealing profitability profile owing to the inclusion of a lower-margin peripheral hastened the decision to cancel the project." -- You, Edward Williams of BMO Capital Markets, are a monster.

... What's that? You're still not sated? You're no better than them! Here, vulture, go bask in the brutality for yourself.

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