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Get in on Global Agenda's Make Your Mark challenge

Jef Reahard

Ready to make your mark on Dome City? Sure, you can troll up the the /city chat or become (in)famous for your mad sniping skillz, but we're talking about literally leaving your mark on Global Agenda for all to see, and for all time. Hi-Rez's Make Your Mark challenge is in full swing, and you'll need to win 50 Merc PvP (or Raid PvE) missions in the month of February to qualify.

Fifty victories nets you a limited edition Matrix dye, while the top 500 players (in terms of total victories for qualifying mission types) will have their avatar names permanently inscribed on the VR Arena wall. The top 25 players will see their name in lights inside Dome City itself, not simply at the central news vendor but rather on one of the permanent vid screens.

Head to AgendaStats to check your progress, and grab your favorite caffeinated beverage, as February is fading fast.

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