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inFamous 2 trailers show off the moral dichotomy of destruction

For all its strengths, inFamous's black-and-white morality system left more than a few players feeling fairly cold. Developer Sucker Punch is taking those criticisms to heart for the sequel, making the players' decisions affect their world and their missions in more clear-cut ways. PlayStation Blog recently showed off a pair of videos, one showing the "Good" way to handle a rescue mission (save some cops, and let them take care of it), and the other showing the "Not So Good" method (hijack an explosive-filled streetcar and drive it into the enemy hideout).

Check out these two trailers posted after the jump. Even if you're still not sold on inFamous 2's moral dichotomy, you can still watch Cole totally wreck shop for three whole minutes. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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