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iPads don't make you attractive to the opposite sex

David Quilty

Sorry to burst your bubble, iPad owners, but owning and using an iPad doesn't exactly make the opposite sex swoon, at least according to Retrevo 's Gadgetology Report. The report asked consumers if they notice other people's gadgets and, if so, how they react to them, and it turns out that seeing someone use an iPad is lower on the standard "I find you attractive" scale than seeing them with a pile of books. Only 36 percent of men are attracted to a woman because of her iPad, versus 42 percent liking a woman reading a book. As for the women, 29 percent like a man with an iPad, and 30 percent prefer book readers. Seems that traditional books really won't be going anywhere, even with all the popularity of the iPad.

With Valentine's Day coming up, it looks like you are going to have to try harder to impress your favorite somebody and do something other than just carry your iPad around in public. Maybe try making an edible iPhone cake, some iCupcakes or a chocolate-covered iPad instead? The possibilities are endless!

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