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Massively's guide to Valentine's Day festivities

Ah spring! 'Tis the time when young men and women's thoughts turn to love -- or at least scoring some nifty holiday-themed loot! This year there's quite a bit going on. Some events are old familiar ones that have stood the test of time. Others offer new twists and things to do for those who have been there, done that. If you aren't feeling the love bug biting, there's even the odd anti-Valentine's-type event, perfect for those who would rather rain destruction down on the head of anyone foolish enough to approach him with anything heart-shaped or pink. Curious as to what's going on? Check out our listing below -- and feel free to chime in if you know of a fun event others should check out!

Rip out your Fallen Earth character's heart for Valentine's Day (February 11th-13th)
What's better than surviving a nuclear holocaust and wandering your way across a blasted brown landscape rife with societal collapse? Why, sharing said wanderings with someone you love, of course (or at least, someone you lust after in that we've-got-to-do-this-for-the-future-of-mankind sort of way). In a novel spin on the traditional mid-February holiday, Icarus Studios is presenting Fallen Earth's Valentine's Day Massacre event, and clones everywhere can literally offer their hearts as a sign of affection (and a +3 stamina buff).
Vindictus spreads the love with new update and holiday (February 1st-15th)
Quirky events have quickly become one of Vindictus' staples. Right now players can participate in V-Day events for special rewards. If fishing and chocolate hunting isn't your bag, you can simply purchase a Valentine's Package at the Supply Depot for "sexy Valentine's themed Inner Armor." Cute undies, in other words. Valentine's events will end after the 15th, so players are encouraged to partake sooner rather than regret it later.
Time for love in Final Fantasy XI (February 1st-15th)
Valentine's Day is almost here, that special time of year when you attempt to distill the essence of a romantic relationship into chocolate form. And if you were hoping to escape from the day within Vana'diel, your efforts are rather misdirected -- Valentione's Day coincides nicely with the holiday in the real world, with just as much saccharine summation of liaisons in Final Fantasy XI.

Invite friends to the Wizard101 Friendship Festival (February 1st-15th)
Valentine Heartsong hereby summons you to Wizard101's Friendship Festival! She's set up in the Wizard City Shopping District in the Spiral, selling special holiday items and pets. You can also download and print out special Friendship Invitations to bring your real-life friends into the fun, which earns you Crowns to spend!
Heroes and villains: Spring fling has sprung! (February 10th-March 6th)
Put on your best costume, catch up with DJ Zero in Pocket D, run those holiday events, and get your special event swag. From badges and costume pieces to temporary powers, there are lots of goodies to be had in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.
Aphrodite upsets the balance in DC Universe Online (dates TBA)
The fighting between Wonder Woman and Circe has upset Aphrodite, who thinks everyone should just get along. Players will get a chance to enjoy special holiday PvP and PvE missions as they spread the love -- yes, even to the bad guys. Hopefully enough players' taking part in the holiday events will help to soothe Aphrodite's unpleasant mood!
Gaia Online offers up a virtual space for Valentine's fun (ongoing until February 16th)
Whether you're in love with love or can't stand the smooshy, sappy stuff, Gaia Online has you covered. Come to its specially themed area to profess your passion or pshaw the poetic pandering. With new items, costumes, and more, Gaians can show their pro or anti-Valentine's spirit off to all around.
Free Realms' Festival of Hearts needs you to find the meaning of love (ongoing, end date TBA)
Oh no, things aren't all happiness and love in the lands of Free Realms! Stone Heart is trying to crush everyone's lovey-dovey holiday spirit -- and players will need to team up to stop him from enacting his diabolical plans. With special quests, items, and more, this promises to be a fun holiday for all ages!
Erollisi Day returns to EverQuest II (February 8th-20th)
It's time for love in EverQuest II, as we've known and celebrated so many times before -- only this time there are new quests and rewards in the mix! Players can check out Total Eclipse of the Heart and Romantic Flower Petals to get in the spirit. Head for Antonica, Commonlands, Qeynos or Freeport to get started.
Love isn't just for the Ewoks in Star Wars Galaxies (February 10th-March 10th)
Even though the Ewoks live in fiercely guarded tribal units, they often treat outsiders with warmth. They are curious by nature, influencing their leader, Chief Chirpa, to open the Festival of Love to outsiders, allowing them to partake in the festivities. Head for Tyrena, Kaadara, and the Southern Ewok Lake Village before March 10th to enjoy the event -- and maybe score some great new event items like furniture, schematics, paintings and more!
It's all about the droids in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (dates TBA)
From candy-dispensing mouse droids to adorable astromechs, Clone Wars Adventures' virtual world celebration offers a little something for padawan and Jedi alike. With an event that promises the appearance of Cupid Clone Troopers and the HE-4RT droids for Imperials, how can you resist?
Be the well-dressed Daeva in Aion's valentine finery (items already available)
When it comes to fashionably fabulous avatars, Aion's daevas are definitely up there. For the holiday, NCsoft is offering a Star Crossed Lovers Pack which offers an ensemble, a garland or mask, and a cap. Add on a stack of hot pink or red dyes for your gear and you'll be set for any holiday costume contests that pop up. No word on an in-game event to go with the new cash shop items.
Valentines is just a part of the huge Spring Festival in TLBB (ongoing until February 22nd)
ChangYou's TLBB is offering those who are feeling the love a chance to connect by shooting each other with Cupid's arrows. If it takes, you might land a great buff. For those who are married in-game, there are special treats for you, such an an eternal ring and the chance to get a heart-shaped aura -- but that's just a small part of the overall Spring Festival event.
RuneScape kicks love in the face with its bloodthirsty Wilderness PvP Massacre weekend (February 12th & 13th)
For those of you who can't stand all the cutesy fun, join Jagex and the population of RuneScape for a weekend-long PvP smackdown in honor of the Wilderness' return to the game. For those who don't feel like fighting, you can use your market and crafting skills to take part in supplying the fighters and make some fat bank. Everybody wins!
Allods Online offers hearts and candy (through February 14th; check site for details)
From candy grams and free kisses, Allods Online is looking to reward its players via a series of contests to coincide with Valentine's Day. You'll need to get those entries in soon and make sure to log in to get your goodies, as this event will be over almost as quickly as it started.

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