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More Marvel vs. Capcom 3 alt costumes in the spotlight, including the Mango Sentinel


Marvel's Chris Baker has done his final lap through the various origins of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's alternate costumes for the superheroes in the game and, just like last time, things get geeky fast. Good to see Marvel got the Days of Future Now Deadpool in there, as well as Doom 2099 and the Secret Invasion Super Skrull. Most players who choose the variants might not know where they come from, but you comic book geeks will.

Of course, this last round of backstory also reveals that Marvel and Capcom didn't always have a lot of choices for some of the more obscure characters. Sometimes, they just bent things around as much as possible (witness Thor's continuity-breaking "inspired by" costume variants) and sometimes they just look to the New York Knicks.That's right -- the Mango Sentinel is back.

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