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Samsung Fascinate gets leaked EB01 Android 2.2 build, yours if you want it

Darren Murph

So much for Verizon being the carrier of choice when it comes to accelerated Android updates, eh? Those who selected Big Red for their Galaxy S have been waiting on a Froyo build for what feels like an eternity, with our brethren to the north already enjoying the spoils -- things like Flash support and an integrated mobile hotspot. Of course, Samsung once promised that all Galaxy S phones (yeah, including the Fascinate) would receive Android 2.2 at some point in time, and while an official release is still eluding us, it looks as if the day is drawing ever closer. The fine folks over at Android Central simply couldn't wait any longer, and they're taken it upon themselves to wrap up the TouchWiz-infused EB01 build for all to enjoy. Naturally, you'll need to do a fair amount of hacking to get this up and running without anyone's consent, but all the details you're craving await you there in the source. Still unsure if it's worth the drive? Head on past the break for a quick video.

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