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Yoshida: NGP and PSP will co-exist

Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios president Shuhei Yoshida recently reaffirmed his belief in an age-old adage: Make new friends, but don't discontinue the old. Speaking to Edge (via CVG), Yoshida explained that the company plans to allow the PSP and its fresh, fresh successor, the NGP, to co-exist on store shelves. He added that the NGP "can't replace a platform that has already been on sale for seven years now." Wait, that's not how that works? We thought new things replace old things, and that's why they call them "new" and "old," respectively.

Yoshida said that cost plays a part in Sony's strategy, explaining, "In terms of pricing, we can't sell the NGP for the same price as a PSP." He added, "I think the NGP needs time to mature and get adopted by users. So, for the time being, both platforms will coexist." We smell the origins of a wacky, generational gap-based sitcom, here.

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