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Dear Aunt TUAW: Is Ireland's 3 carrier blocking Cydia?


Dear Aunt TUAW,

It looks like 3 Ireland, the one of the Irish iPhone carriers, has blocked Cydia's servers from their network. I'm experiencing errors refreshing data from and can't get Cydia to work at all.

Can you suggest a work-around for those of us on 3? Help a jailbroken Irish iPhone user out!


Your Irish Nephew Stevie-boy

Dear Stevie-boy,

Auntie is happy to report that the Irish Cydia Blackout of 2010 was, in fact, a mistake. 3 spokesperson Chris Jones told TUAW that Cydia was blocked in error.

Jones stated that 3 uses third-party company Bluecoat to filter their internet connection for adult content and other objectionable material. "Cydia has been caught in this filter in error," he told TUAW, "and we are working to resolve this." The Irish Times tech team got the same explanation.

Auntie doesn't have a specific time as to when 3 will resolve the issue, but is happy to report that 3 is working on the problem.

Love & kissies,

Auntie T.

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