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Japanese hardware sales, Jan. 31 - Feb. 6: Holding out for a Hero edition

The inescapable despair that surrounded us upon Activision's announcement that its putting its music franchises on ice is threefold -- the most potent sorrows stemming from the substantial number of gaming industry employees that will be terminated due to the cutbacks. The second sadness? All the fond, fond memories we've accumulated throughout the years thanks to those little, five-buttoned peripherals. High school and college would not have been the same had it not been for the days we poured into mastering that one part in "Miserlou," you know?

The third is, of course, the tremendous amount of potential the "Hero" franchise had left in it. To think, now we may never see Flugelhorn Hero, Theremin Hero, Glockenspiel Hero, Tenor Ukulele Hero, Baritone Ukulele Hero, Glass Harmonica Hero, Didgeridoo Hero, and Guitar Hero Hero -- in which, of course, you use a Guitar Hero Hero guitar while pretending to play guitar in Guitar Hero. So much opportunity, just squandered away.

- PSP: 30,475 [DOWN] 4,173 (12.04%)
- PS3: 23,846 [DOWN] 1,303 (5.18%)
- Wii: 14,972 [DOWN] 4,476 (23.02%)
- DSi LL: 11,555 [DOWN] 336 (2,83%)
- DSi: 9,954 [UP] 343 (3.57%)
- Xbox 360: 2,282 [DOWN] 1,231 (35.04%)
- PS2: 1,897 [DOWN] 41 (2.12%)
- DS Lite: 1,056 [DOWN] 3 (0.28%)
- PSP Go: 136 [DOWN] 144 (51.43%)

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