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MacBook Pro updates may hit March 1


Danish blogger Kenneth Lund is reporting that he's heard from a large Danish Apple reseller that new MacBook Pros will arrive on March 1. Excluding a processor bump build-to-order option last October, the MacBook Pro line has not been updated since April 13, 2010.

The March 1 date is plausible considering that Intel is reportedly set to ship its new Sandy Bridge processors on February 20, and it has been previously reported that new MacBook Pros will drop in March. Also, March 1 falls on a Tuesday, which is traditionally the weekday that Apple chooses to announce new computer models.

Beyond the reasonable likelihood that the next MacBook Pros will use Intel's Sandy Bridge processors, there aren't any rumors floating around as to the specs of the next MacBook Pro line. Some speculate that the next version of the MacBook Pro might see a redesign, taking cues from the MacBook Air, including solid-state blade storage and elimination of the optical drive.

[via MacRumors]

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