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PAX East schedule revealed, cancel your Friday plans

Attending PAX East this year? You'll probably want to start strategizing your route through the maze of panels, speeches and presentations that'll take place over the weekend of March 11, using the recently revealed event schedule as your guide -- one event in particular is unmissable.

We're speaking, of course, of the live recording of the Joystiq Podcast, which will be held Friday night at 7:30 in the Wyvern Theater. You'll want to clear a bit of your schedule for the preceding hours to make sure you have enough time to get a good seat -- and for the hours afterwards, so you can have time to properly soak in all the wisdom that the hosts will be projecting into your minds.

Of course, you should also keep your 8 p.m. free on Saturday night for a live recording of Joystiq's Xbox 360 Fancast -- provided, you know, you're not still too busy digesting.

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