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Darkfall dev diary talks new info interface, crafting skills, and meditation

Jef Reahard

A new Darkfall dev blog update has been sighted in the wild, and Aventurine is apparently hard at work on a number of Agonian fixes despite a case of the flu taking up residence in the company's office. Darkfall players can look forward to crafting skill gain adjustments in the next patch, and Aventurine is also aiming to get stats into the game's offline meditation system in the near future.

Darkfall's new info interface will debut in March, and Tasos Flambouras writes that it will "give you a detailed information overview having to do with a great many activities like politics, clan activities, vendor information, etc." Flambouras also mentions the ongoing work on the game's new UI, as well as upcoming lore-related events tied into the title's second anniversary (and a forthcoming website and forum revamp).

Be on the lookout for a full run-down regarding the new info interface in an upcoming dev diary, and check out all the other details at the Darkfall Epic Blog.

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