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Final Fantasy XI launches the February update

Eliot Lefebvre

It's a lucky day for Final Fantasy XI players all around, as the awaited February version update has gone live. While Square-Enix has been calling it a mini-update due to the lack of a major content push accompanying the patch, it's still packed with some pretty substantial improvements. Experience and skill gains have both been buffed significantly -- experience gains have been substantially improved outside of Abyssea, and skill gains will happen in larger amounts against weaker targets.

Several other improvements to quality of life have also been brought live, including the option to reclaim lost items from the completion of Treasures of Aht Urhgan. Porter moogles are also expanding their lists of retained items, giving players a chance to free up more of their precious inventory spots. Final Fantasy XI might not have added a great deal of new content with this update, but the full list of changes makes it clear that a lot of older content has been vastly improved.

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