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New RIFT trailer shows off dynamic invasions

Jef Reahard

Ho hum, another day, another RIFT reveal. Trion is carpet-bombing the MMORPG battlefield with an all out marketing assault as the March 1st launch date for its fantasy opus draws near. Today brings us a new trailer titled Cry Havoc, and in it we are witnesses to an interesting time-lapse presentation that shows off various in-game battles featuring large contingents of players on screen.

Unlike the previous CGI extravaganza, this trailer is composed entirely of in-game footage. The highlights were captured in the game's latest beta event, and the clip illustrates the zone-wide invasions made possible by the RIFT's dynamic content system.

The next beta event starts tomorrow, and you can get in on the action by heading to the signup portion of the game's official website. Before you do, be sure and check out the Cry Havoc trailer after the cut.

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