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Space Gremlin helps you free up hard drive space on your Mac


Who knew gremlins could be so friendly? A new Mac app from Sean Christmann with the fantastic name of Space Gremlin is now available on the Mac App Store. This nifty little tool will help you to eat up all of the junk that's clogging up your Mac's precious hard drive space. It visualizes the contents of each of your drives in a really intuitive way: item squares that scale dynamically based on how large items are in relation to the parent folder or drive. This means that it's a perfect app for finding out which artist is taking up all that space in your iTunes folder, or which game is causing your Mac to run low on resources.

There are some other tools available, namely DaisyDisk 2 (which admittedly has a much prettier interface), but there's something delightfully utilitarian about Space Gremlin that's caused me to make it my go-to app for cleaning up my trusty old Mac Pro. Sure, it doesn't look the greatest, but here's my philosophy -- you don't need a shovel encrusted with rubies to move some dirty old junk.

I highly suggest that you take the demo of the app for a spin before you slam down the Washingtons for a copy in the Mac App Store, but either way, I'm sure you'll find Space Gremlin to be a pretty awesome utility. Just don't feed it after midnight.

Space Gremlin is available on the Mac App Store for a cool US$3.99.

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