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Undelete your DDO or LotRO character with Turbine's new service


We have all had issues with deleted characters. How many horror stories have you heard about someone's brother or friend or cousin or cousin of a friend's brother "hacking" his account and deleting his character? We know how tempting that Rune-keeper Dwarf was, and you had to delete your favorite Guardian to have it. However, you found out that the Rune-keeper was totally against your concept of canon. What can you possibly do? You can't delete the canon-breaking Rune-keeper to get your dashing young Guardian back, can you?

Well, never fear. Turbine has a service for that. Despite your cousin of a friend's brother's hacking attempt or your fickle nature, Turbine will gladly restore your character to his full glory, wherever and however you left him. Bear in mind, if you gave away all your gear and left him standing naked on a cliff, that is exactly where he will be when Turbine restores him.

Turbine is offering the Undelete Service for US$19.95 for both Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online. As of right now the team states that, as with any new service, it expects a high volume of requests, so turn-around times will be affected. For more information, check out the release statement on the official site.

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