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AMD Athlon, Phenom and Sempron names may be killed off in favor of Vision brand

Vlad Savov

AMD's long-awaited delivery of CPU-GPU hybrid chips in the form of its Fusion technology already had one victim in the company's branding strategy (we'll miss you, ATI!), but now we're learning that there may be even more redundancy slips being handed out. X-bit labs have uncovered documentation that claims AMD intends to consign its processor family names to the annals of history, going instead with different classes of its Vision brand. The Athlon, Phenom, and Sempron monikers we know today would be replaced by the A, FX and E series, respectively, with the Llano APU occupying the mid-range A sector, quad- and octa-core Zambezi chips slapped with the FX label, and the low end getting the leftover E tag. Since the current naming scheme really doesn't convey much useful info to non-initiates, this would seem to be a step in the right direction for AMD, but we just don't like to see old friends disappear without a trace. Guess the Athlon XP Thunderbird will just have to live on in our hearts instead.

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