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Apple issues survey to MacBook Air owners, mentions 3G


Apple is sending out surveys to MacBook Air owners that hint at 3G connectivity and other hardware changes for its popular notebook. The survey queries current owners about their interest in wireless 3G connectivity as well as the customer's usage of web-based data storage services on the MacBook Air. The survey also addresses the issue of USB ports, keyboard function keys and the use of external hard drives with the portable computing device.

There is little doubt the latest MacBook Air is a step forward for Apple. The diminutive notebook merges the portable size of a tablet device with the power of a full notebook. The questions within this survey suggest Apple recognizes this mobility and may be looking to add a 3G radio to the notebook, a move that would pit the Air directly against the 3G iPad. Other questions hint at cloud-based services, which could suggest Apple is moving forward with the technology it acquired from its purchase of LaLa.

The use of surveys by Apple is a relatively common occurrence. Apple used a similar survey to tweak the Apple TV, which is slowly changing from a "hobby" to a viable media playback device. If you were Apple and had the power of Steve Jobs in your hands, how would you tweak the MacBook Air to make it even better than it already is?

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