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ArenaNet QA tester offers peek behind the scenes of Guild Wars 2 testing

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

QA testing is an important part of the development process of a game, particularly as the game approaches beta. Now that we've got a closed beta window for Guild Wars 2, the testing process and QA team have moved a little further into the spotlight.

Yamen O'Donnell, a member of ArenaNet's QA team, treats fans to a look behind the scenes of game testing in the newest ArenaNet blog post. Much of it focuses on the fun and excitement of working with such a dedicated team, but there are also several details on how things work. The QA team is present in every facet of development, so there are plenty of new details about various areas of testing along with stories of company-wide play sessions.

Assuring Quality is a look at both the fun and difficult aspects of testing -- it's a great read for any Guild Wars 2 fan.

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