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AT&T highlights $49 iPhone 3GS in new TV ad


AT&T is wielding a new weapon in its fight against Verizon Wireless: the iPhone 3GS. In the carrier's latest advertisement, the almost 20-month old handset and its $49 price tag is dangled in front of customers as a cheap alternative to the iPhone 4. Price-wise, the iPhone 3GS lets customers jump on the iPhone bandwagon for $150 less than the 16 GB iPhone 4 and $250 less than the 32 GB model.

Of course, there is always that nagging monthly cost. Still, if you are going to pay for it anyway and don't need the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer, why not? AT&T is hoping you will think that way so that the carrier can lock you into a contract before Verizon has its own cheap previous generation model to peddle to the masses. AT&T's television advertisement is included in the second half of this post.

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