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Great Gatsby 'NES' game borne back ceaselessly onto the internet


We're not about to suggest that you play the new "NES version" of The Great Gatsby instead of actually reading the book. Reading Fitzgerald's classic is simply part of the American curriculum. If we had to do it, so do you.

Still, everyone needs a break from reading, and you might as well spend yours playing this delightful throwback game created by Charlie Hoey and Pete Smith. Be sure to check out the "vintage" magazine ad and instruction booklet images while you're at it.

Be warned: This Flash game probably won't prepare you for your English teacher's test (but there's always the CliffsNotes for that); we don't remember Nick tossing his fedora at evil crabs in the book, for example. That said, the game would probably make for a much more interesting class discussion.

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