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Istaria's February patch brings a big batch of fixes

Jef Reahard

You'd think that with all the fantasy MMOs out there, opportunities for players to don the skin of a dragon in their favorite virtual worlds wouldn't be so few and far between. Istaria still has the market cornered on that bit of coolness, however, and the long-running title is also gearing up to add a slew of fixes and tweaks to the live client with today's patch.

Whereas January's content patch was a major upgrade that overhauled loot and added Broken Items to the game's crafting implementation, this month's update focuses on a bevy of small tweaks and fixes and also adds Mystery Technique and Formula Boxes to the mix. The boxes are purchased with coins and grant random techniques and formulas when right-clicked. Quite a few adjustments to mob density and loot drops will also take effect today, and you can read all about those changes, as well as the rest of the substantial update details, via the full patch notes on the official Istaria boards.

[Thanks to Joe for the tip!]

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