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    Olympus E-PL2 reviewed, deemed another solid but not groundbreaking Micro Four Thirds entry

    Tim Stevens

    The best thing about the new E-PL2 from Olympus, the company's latest Micro Four Thirds addition? The 14 - 42mm kit lens that comes with it, apparently. It's 30 percent faster to focus and, on top of that, much quieter when getting its AF on. Moving beyond that, the new shooter offers a built-in flash, ISO support up to 6,400 when you need extra help in the dark, a much higher resolution screen on the back and, if you're into pushing photos wirelessly, the Penpal Bluetooth dongle will do so. Digital Photography Review found it to be a good performer, on-par with the earlier E-PL1 but a bit clumsier to change exposure settings than on the E-P2. So, not exactly a clear-cut recommendation for this $599 shooter, meaning you might want to read the full text if you're still on the fence.

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