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OnLive calls T5 Labs claim to key game streaming patent 'irrelevant'


OnLive had supposedly nailed down the patent it needed to run its cloud-based gaming service (quite successfully so far, from all reports), but a new challenger is claiming otherwise. A company named T5 Labs now says it has been awarded a patent that predates OnLive's registration and gives it control over the fundamental tech behind cloud gaming. OnLive's patent was originally filed in December of 2002, but T5's was filed in March of that year, so, if the two patents do in fact cover the same tech, T5 would appear to have precedence.

An OnLive spokesperson tells Joystiq that the company has examined both patent applications after being contacted by T5 head Graham Clemie and "saw no relevance whatsoever to OnLive and told him so. We are approached by people with irrelevant patents all the time. We are highly confident in our own patent portfolio, and have no further comment."

Things seem fairly cut and dry from OnLive's point of view. T5 only says so far that it is "deciding whether to commence a procedure in the U.S. Patent Office known as an 'interference,'" which would establish the correct patent ownership. We'll see what -- if anything -- comes of that.

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