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Android tablets bring touchscreen connectivity to Indian bus riders -- still no $35 slates in sight (video)


That's right, that little green blob in the upper left hand corner of that built-in touchscreen is indeed the Android logo, and that display does indeed belong to a tablet of unknown origin, currently riding around on the back of a headrest on a bus somewhere in India. We're not entirely sure who's funding this project or which bus line the tablets can be found on, but the login screen you see here does give us a little bit of insight: "As per government policy, we need to record details of the person using the Internet on this device." The service is apparently free and unlimited, and if this is a government program, it would be right in line with India's democratic outlook on technology. Sure, Indian college students are still awaiting the storied $35 tablets, but we suppose if they have enough scratch to ride the bus all day, these headrest slates could do in a pinch. For a look at what Android tablets look like on public transit, check out the video after the jump.

[Thanks, Kartik]

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