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LucasArts finds replacement for creative director role


LucasArts has appointed journeyman Frederic Markus to its vacant studio creative director position, reports IndustryGamers. Markus brings with him a long career of credits -- in more than 35 games -- from a variety of positions and publishers, including most recently director of game design at Disney Interactive. He's also served as director of pre-production at Ubisoft and consulted on game design and pre-production for Atari, Microsoft and Rockstar, among others.

Markus leaves Disney in the midst of its restructuring away from console development, and he joins LucasArts following a difficult end of 2010 for the studio. Clint Hocking's arrival at LucasArts last fall brought a new hope in the wake of Haden Blackman's resignation, but two rounds of layoffs closed out the year with an "Episode V" type of feel.

Prior to Markus' appointment, former BioShock senior designer Joe McDonagh held the creative director position at LucasArts. In December, McDonagh joined PopCap as the company's new director of production.

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