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The Queue: Teeth and can openers


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mathew McCurley will be your host today.

So many people miss Mimiron's can opener. I guess, sometimes, we just never look up ...

I'm up real early writing The Queue instead of Alex today because my teeth hurt. Like, really hurt. Ow. I will most likely have a wisdom tooth "extracted" today. Adam opened The Queue yesterday with a poem from Where The Sidewalk Ends, and while I won't be posting my favorite Shel Silverstein poem at the top today, I will say that I can't get through The Giving Tree without weeping like a little baby. Every. Single. Time. I'm beginning to hate that tree for doing this to me.

DavidBrady asked:

Dear Queue: Is Deathwing actually Keyser Soze? I've searched every inch of Azeroth (doing archaeology), heard horror stories of his wrath, yet STILL haven't been blasted by the elusive bastard.

I'll tell you a funny Deathwing story. When we all first heard about Deathwing's little flyovers and subsequent destructive tendencies to the world of Azeroth, I was equal parts excited and absolutely decimated. Missing out on limited time achievements is one of those realities I hate having to face when rolling new characters or changing my main. The fact that I will never get Hand of A'dal on my new warrior or that my paladin is the only one with Champion of the Naaru pains me.

Suffice to say, I wasn't going to let this one go. I'd find a way to get my Deathwing achievement early and never have to worry about it. One night, we were all hanging out in our Mumble chat, and someone said that Deathwing was about to hit Uldum. The announcement rang through guild chat and trade chat and any other means of communication. Everyone hearthed back to Orgrimmar, popped into the Uldum portal, and was immediately toasted upon zoning in. I gave myself a little pat on the back, got my achievement, and never had to worry about Deathwing again.

Except I did. He wouldn't stop killing me. As I succumbed to the archaeology grind, there he was, every step of the way. Southern Barrens, especially. Deathwing wouldn't leave me alone. Uldum twice more. Everywhere I went, Deathwing came to kill me.

My advice to getting killed by Deathwing? Do archaeology, and lots of it.

Who's got your back?

Extaminos asked:

When we faced Illidan, Maiev had our backs. When we faced Arthas, Tirion had our backs. Who do you think will have our backs when we finally face Deathwing? I hope it's those 3 drunk guys in Badlands...

Everyone. Everyone has a beef with Deathwing. Alexstrasza already has lost a lot in the fight against Deathwing. Whatever is left of the Black Dragonflight that isn't impaled and gutted in Dragonmaw outposts in Twilight Highlands don't want to be associated with him. Any major character who is defending his or her people or Azeroth isn't a Deathwing fan.

We are most likely going to see a huge amount of people having to come fight Deathwing with us, in many different ways. The Lich King was fairly contained, all things considered. He hung out in his hat-castle, waiting for us, his scheme going very much according to plan. Tirion got pretty lucky with his ice breaking.

A huge loose end

durandal asked:

Having finished that awesome Grimtotem questline in Thousand Needles, I feel a little bit uneasy about Magatha's future plans. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but there could be bigger things to come. Are there any clues or speculations when or where we'll meet her again?

I do hope we see the Magatha story finalized because it's a huge loose end. The Shattering set her up as an incredibly powerful shaman who had almost succeeded in her plans. She's no dummy, and she's driven to get whatever she wants. I can't wait to see what Blizzard does with Magatha, and the best thing would be to make some great Twilight raid instance in Thousand Needles -- maybe even just a Gruul-like raid with her tauren council and then Magatha. It could be alongside the Firelands raid; Cho'gall was a powerful servant of Deathwing, but he definitely wasn't the only one. Maybe we player characters are going to traverse the world, dispatching key Twilight servants in order to weaken Deathwing's hold on Azeroth.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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