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Apple Store retail employee discusses what it's like to work there

David Quilty

Although doing so usually ends with a current employee becoming a former employee, one Apple Store retail worker recently had a lot to say about his experience working for the company.

In an article over at Popular Mechanics, an unnamed employee spilled the beans on everything from being in the dark about new products until the Keynote Address (just like the rest of us), the undercover plain-clothes security working in every store, how working the Phone Room is like working a suicide hotline, and how talking to the press about your experiences can get you fired. In that case, one hopes he has another job lined up now that this article was published!

We have, of course, seen articles before about what it's like to work for Apple and confirmation that Apple Store employees are usually in the dark about new products, but the article is definitely worth a read to get an insider's view as to what it may be like to work retail for Apple. If you were thinking of trying to get a job with Apple yourself, you may be able to glean a little info as to which subjects to avoid during your interview.

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