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Catherine demo returns to Japanese PSN for a limited engagement


To celebrate the release of Atlus's inexplicable adventure game/climbing puzzle Catherine in Japan, the publisher has once again enabled PS3 users to download the demo, which was removed from PSN early this month after Atlus hit its unspecified allotment of downloads. The demo is available through Sunday, February 20, at 11:59 PM, and is identical to the previous demo.

We're almost certain that once you get the demo, you'll find it's not exactly what you expected -- no matter what you expected. Anime cutscenes are punctuated by a high-speed puzzle game in which you push and pull blocks to climb up a tower. And we don't mean it's a third-person action/adventure game or RPG with puzzle elements -- we mean puzzle game. Go try it for yourself before it disappears again.

[Image source: Famitsu; thanks, Aaron!]

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