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The Engadget Show Live! with GM Volt engineer Micky Bly, Watson's creators, new products and much more!

Sean Hollister

Humans, keep your eyes tuned to this post -- because at 7:00 PM ET, we'll be starting The Engadget Show live, with GM's head engineer Micky Bly (the man responsible for the Volt) and a never-before-seen GM announcement exclusive to the Engadget Show! We'll also have Engadget auto editor Tim Stevens, a very special guest from IBM's Watson team, hot new devices, crazy giveaways, and much more! We've also got amazing chiptune music from Note! and visuals from Batsly Adams. You seriously don't want to miss it.

Update: That's all, folks!
Update 2: We're sorry about the poor quality stream some people saw; we had some network issues that slowed it down.

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