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The Walking Dead, Fables game adaptations coming from Telltale


In addition to Jurassic Park, Telltale is currently adapting The Walking Dead and the Fables comic book series into games, reports All Thing's Digital's eMoney blog, part of the WSJ network. The developer is expected go into detail on the titles at a pre-scheduled press event tonight, during which a total of five multiplatform projects are supposed to be announced.

According to eMoney, the Fables game is part of "an exclusive worldwide publishing agreement" with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, while The Walking Dead game will be based on the AMC television adaption of the franchise (which also originated as a comic). Steve Allison, SVP of marketing for Telltale, told the site that he thinks The Walking Dead has the potential to become a $20–30 million franchise for the studio.

"See the movie, play the game doesn't work anymore," Allison said, "but the way we make content, it does." Both new series are expected to be episodic adventure games, in line with Telltale's current and past efforts, and "will trickle out over the next year," according to eMoney, through digital retailers including Telltale's online store and Steam.

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