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World of WarCrafts: Crocheted WoW pets and the crafting of Cristy Rowley

Anne Stickney

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I'm not handy with crocheting or knitting at all, which makes me just a little more wistful and a little more curious about learning the process every time we see tiny crocheted critters here on World of WarCrafts. Today there are not one, but two -- a tiny reproduction of Speedy the Turtle, pictured above, and everyone's favorite Love is in the Air darling, the Toxic Wasteling. Both critters were created by Cristy Rowley, a master of crafts who doesn't just stick to crochet. She's got an assortment of other WoW craft projects under her belt!

While currently on break from WoW, that hasn't stopped her crafting in the slightest. Cristy's works can be found on Tossed Cookies, a blog centered on the art of crafting. Judging from projects like crocheted critters in tiny boxes to earrings and more, Cristy's got a lot of crafting experience. Check out the gallery for a glimpse at Cristy's various Warcraft pieces, and follow us after the break for a few words from Cristy about her handiwork, as well as how you can make a real life Warcraft pet to call your own.

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World of WarCrafts: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Cristy! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in crafting?

Cristy Rowley: I'm in college right now, majoring in psychology and considering a minor in gender/sexuality studies. I'd really love to do research or teach at a university, but for right now, I spend most of my time tutoring little kids. I'd love to study how character gender in an MMORPG influences the behavior of the gamer behind them as well as how others interact with them. I know I've been treated differently depending on whether I'm on my main, a male, or a female alt.

Honestly, crafting has always been something I was just naturally drawn to. My family and friends think I'm a bit crazy, but they've come to accept it. (Hand-knit gifts don't hurt ...) I've never taken a class, but I do have a family friend/mentor who's taught me everything I know about spinning and gives me knitting advice as well. I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am without her.

How do you come up with patterns like Speedy?

Lots of my patterns started as gifts for people. I look for a pattern I think fits them, and then if I don't see anything I like or if I think I can do it better, I might brainstorm a bit in a sketchbook or just start playing with yarn. I've also had friends specifically request something, which is nice because it's usually not something I'd think of on my own.

Like I said, I sketch a lot. I'm not really an artist in the painting/drawing sense of the word, so people get really confused when they look though my notebooks and see mostly text or diagrams. Other than that, most of the process is just playing with yarn and seeing what works.

Can you tell us about your other WoW crafts?

Umm, let's see. There was the papercraft chest. I actually found that one through World of WarCrafts! I think the designer was featured for a paper sword he made and I saw the chest on his site. And the Horde earrings were lots of fun. I keep meaning to make a pair for myself...

If you could design another in game pet as a critter, which one would you choose?

Oh, it's so hard to pick one! Bananas would be awesome. (I have a huge thing for monkeys/primates.) I saw a woman who'd made a life-size orangutan baby complete with plastic armature, and I've been jealous ever since ... Or the Core Hound Pup. I think he was the last pet I got. And this isn't a pet, but I'd love to have my shaman in full Frost Witch gear hanging out on my desk. So narcissistic, I know!

Thanks for your time, Cristy!

Even if you may have missed out on the in game version of the Toxic Wasteling this year, you can still make one of your own! For instructions on how to create your own Speedy or Toxic Wasteling, as well as more information about Cristy's other crafts, check out Tossed Cookies.

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