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The Walking Dead episodic game will be 'multiplatform,' expected Q4 2011

As rumored, and confirmed yesterday, Telltale Games is adapting Robert Kirkman's zompocaplytic comic series – and now AMC television series – The Walking Dead into an episodic video game series. That's a lot of series.

The first details are trickling out of last night's Telltale event in San Francisco, and here's what we know about TWD so far: It's "definitely episodic," Kirkman says; it will be a "multi-year, multiplatform, multi-title" partnership; and Telltale is aiming for a Q4 2011 release, so you should be seeing something this year. As for what platforms they're targeting, IGN reports that the agreement covers "PC, Mac, consoles, handhelds, mobile and social gaming media." So pretty much everything.

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