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Tokyo Game Show 2011 makes hearts dance Sept. 15-18


Tokyo Game Show organizer CESA has announced the final dates for this year's event: September 15 through 18, at the usual Makuhari Messe venue in Chiba. After announcing last year that it was considering axing one of the business-only days for TGS 2011, CESA has decided to keep the two-business-day and two-public-day structure in tact. For which we business-only types, and everyone who has ever tried to play any Capcom, Square Enix or Level 5 game at TGS, say thank you.

Following up on amusingly upbeat slogans like "GAME, it's so energetic" and "GAME goes to a new chapter," the tag line for this year's event is (according to Andriasang's translation) "If your heart dances, it's a game."

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