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CCP hides valuable information within QR code

Eliot Lefebvre

Being a bit devious and underhanded in EVE Online is pretty much the basic standard of interaction. CCP's flagship game has built itself a reputation of rewarding the clever and the analytical, but the developers themselves have only occasionally taken part in the antics themselves. The development team has gone a step further this time, however, posting a bit of valuable information for fans... in the form of a QR code, with no further hints for players.

Players with smartphones and other QR readers have already deciphered the meaning of the square, which promises a fan gathering at PAX East in Boston. There will be developers, drinks, and an event exclusive, but players will be required to mail their first and last names as well as their character names to in order to attend. It promises to be a fun time for EVE Online fans -- and while it's a bit of a sneaky way of making the announcement, really, it's par for the course.

[Thanks to Prime Synergy for the tip!]

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