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Ikaruga model kits due in Japan this June


When verbal communication fails to adequately convey your immense love for Ikaruga, it's time to invest in an intricate, 1/144 scale replica of one of the game's ships. And we do mean invest: the gorgeous "Hitekkai Ikaruga" injection-plastic kit from Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya requires time, art supplies, assembly and painting. Depending on your level of interest, you're either seeing "fun weekend project" or "help help I've glued my blue fingers together again."

According to Tomopop and HobbyLink Japan, the Ikaruga kit will ship in June. Early pre-orders, from now until April 6th, can get it for a discounted price of 3,840 Yen ($46). Motivation: If you've already mastered Treasure's intense test of polarity clarity, what challenge could there be in a pile of fiddly, plastic pieces?

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