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Square Enix bringing Final Fantasy III to iPhone

Japanese manga magazine V-Jump recently outed Square Enix's plans to dominate the iPhone App Store's RPG offerings, coming in the form of two major titles set to launch this year in Japan. The first we already knew: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, which is (still!) due out sometime this Spring. The other is an iOS-friendly version of Final Fantasy III -- which is to say, the NES game which only just came stateside on the Nintendo DS in 2006, and not Final Fantasy VI, which came to the U.S. under the title Final Fantasy III, which will never stop being confusing.

V-Jump didn't share any details on when the game would arrive, or if it would be ported stateside; though Square Enix has a pretty good track record for bringing their games to the U.S. hastily. It's unclear which version of the game we'll get, though: The original NES title? The cancelled WonderSwan version? The 3D-modeled DS version? The 2D fighting game featuring NBA superstars? Oh, wait. Scratch that. We confused Final Fantasy III with Shaq-Fu again.

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